Sunday, February 22, 2009

Thanks to James. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I knew with an announcement drawing near
left at the footsteps of salt tracks toward your bed
brought closer by the heat index of parents everywhere that left us, or you:

I've tried this.
I knew what it was like, four or five seconds in.
Spun like a catacomb.
Wrapped like an aunt's christmas tree remnants,
aim for the bottom.

Yesterday afternoon somebody in a serious tone turned seriously to ask me if I'd be born.
Be, not been, as if I hadn't already;
maybe wanted to, but needed help.

the creatures around here leave themselves almost daily
and from another town over your landlord holds up a sign with marker that says you'll get used to "pay'n".

Would you still wake a sleeping child to give them medication?
In so much as everything is only ever, a collection of other things?
The most important way, you can make someone feel is:

Act curious, for questions you know the answers to.
you are so thrown away
yesterday I found a cliff with two names on him
a pyramid scheme, if you knew better
a set of rectangle clouds, otherwise
so that every morning you'd promise, subconsciously
to do the same thing
so that we can draw you in circles time and time again