Tuesday, April 29, 2008

some searchlight is screaming:

"a boy rode me into town
found the profiles of our gallows
there's a second or two before he
lets someone know"
if the noises my nose made
could save even one of us
I would blow
and blow
and blow
and blow.

most of us lose our breath in the best case scenario
some gavel as waves is rolling further than usual
there is a man pounding his feet into the ground
he is about to hear you drown.

how could he have known?
lazy eyes left in pews
struggle without their toes

if this was the last morning
that same boy is sliding
his hat falls off
the clouds are getting nervous
and my heart is chewing you.

if this is our last evening
some boy was our sunset
caress worms like lovers
as you dig your toes deeper
you are watching me drown.

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