Tuesday, August 5, 2008

fruitless movement of two conductors
who remove a platform from their feet and
leave their bodies train bound, proving together,
within their reflections
and their jewelry shadows
hollow outlines in the sunset sit not too far
from those just as neatly bound to or toward
familiar distances
some humble, others peregrine
both the distances, and the people,
that is.

doors separate periodically and it would seem usual
discourse could be heard delicately dissolving into upward blues and greys
and in a better place, each person on this train is a protagonist
and though some will argue that in one way or another, we each are,
this train car in particular would struggle.

stepping like she would were she struggling to notice herself
or not so lightly among a station's advertisements
at younger ages she could conjure rides home and
various methods of pavement
shot each in just a different amount of daylight
to be construed every time as a new experience.

(interestingly enough it was now the ride away from home
that offered her this feeling.)

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