Sunday, January 4, 2009

inside the moon there are four people
three of them remember you
one of them is your daughter
before she was your runner
underneath her restless weight
you find your mistakes
somewhere within there, you remember you love her

your god's eyes are in her mouth
as the snow falls behind you
one of them presses pavement
another is caught in the stars

the one who couldn't care less mostly always bugged you
his arm was your water
your sink, his fodder
underneath his restless weight
you'd find his mistakes

in so much as everything is only ever a collection of other things

but now you are sort of clear headed
messy head
does that surprise you?
where Are you headed?

the attic is far too stuck for this mess
as if our house would stop shaking in any cases.
can you already tell this is what a door sounds like?
would you still wake a sleeping child to give them medication?

the most important way you can make someone feel is:

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