Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sometime after I dropped them off skydishes told my pocket vibration was considerable
my children left at some private school
my thigh turning colors in my mind
voices on a similiar or other line told me
my chest was bleeding now or eventually
tempted me to fall off, pull over after a red
drive forever
incredibly overwhelmed at the notion of ending or ends
trends in today's nuclear family climate showing
the opposite of positive outcomes
curveballs thrown by liberal pacifists frustrating
leaving little to no doubt we'd all miss
we'd all mess
leave little and forget the rest
dressed down
inside out
around temples built for halfwits
there really is little left now
you pay your debts to yourself
your dreams have you between a lock and a tight space and
the last time you wake up there's still no key underneath your pillow


the first time you go to sleep you won't remember much
the first time you fall asleep and come back with an idea
well, now you know, it's safe to say
nostalgia or hope or poloroids
you'll carry those heavily
roll over in bed
choose a memory to take with you
keeper for the sun's time

and just maybe

very noble
being part of something the point of which you can not fathom
nor bother to try to understand your motivation
in exchange for instant gratification
and the illusion of a righteous purpose

sometime within there scattershot time holders remind me
private school ends eventually
shortly before three
which leaves me late and makes plenty waiting unexplained
unexplained waiting

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